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Digital Artist


Joker by Priscila Vezzit Ferreira​

By Marisa Melo

Is there what we call "destiny"? Are our trajectories already defined and is there no way to avoid everything that happens in our lives? Is there free will? If we are puppets, who manipulates the strings? If we are just pieces on a board or cards from a celestial deck, what is the point? Distract boredom from a playful Universe?


With the work “Joker”, visual artist Priscilla Ferreira offers us a composition rich in details and possibilities. A black background creates expectations about what may be there but we don't see it. A cosmic connection to galaxies and universes that we can’t distinguish in the night sky. This intriguing digital art breaks rules and escapes the conventional. In portraits, we are usually attracted by the eyes that watch us. Not here. A black fringe that blends with the background hides the eyes. But the female figure does not lose her power of seduction and attraction. Lips stick out. And they develop a chromatic complicity with black nails that definitely establish the atmosphere of mystery. That starts with the title itself, because the image of this Queen of Spades is called “Joker”.

It may be the prankster is the Universe, for whom we are just another card.

But it may be Priscilla herself, who has fun playing with the observer's interpretation, perhaps to remember us that the game is not predefined. That we are not manipulated. On the contrary, we have control of our trajectory. And everything that happens, for better or for worse, is the result of our own actions, decisions and thoughts. If the Queen can be the Joker, nothing prevents us all from having the importance of kings.

Be it Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds or Spades.

Marisa Melo is a Brazilian artist from São Paulo, UP Time Art Gallery CEO, degreed in advertising and marketing, fashion and graphic design. Specialized in art, aesthetics, art criticism and business management.

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